about ben newman

I believe in deep listening and authentic expression. Fundamentally, my job is to help you dream into the possibility of what could be, and then make that dream a real, physical space. My approach to art is always oriented towards clean lines, natural light, and composing for experience. It all boils down to communicating the power of presence. Whether it’s in residential interior design or creating custom molding and millwork, I am fascinated with the challenge of invoking a desire to be here, in this moment.Building design is not just about the building, it's about the use of that space, how light and air move through it, and how experiences will be held inside it.Beyond everything, I am most interested in sustainable design. I believe that for sustainable building design concepts to take root, they have to be beautiful. I strive to bring beauty, functionality, and sustainability into every project I create, and to make each project unique to the people who spend their time in it.

dissolving barriers, building connections

When I’m not creating, you can find me freediving.When I freedive, present and future compact into a single breath. The distinction between my body and the environment dissolves. Being is all there is.This pursuit of venturing beyond the self is something I bring to my work as an artist, as a photographer, as a designer. Whether it is in the portraits or the spaces I create, the process is the same: inviting the barriers between self and other to dissolve.Through this frame-shifting I can see the person within the space they inhabit and the native elements that enfold their life and movement. I view my work as creating a frame through which the individual and the environment can be seen as what they are: an integrated whole.In working with me, you will find that listening is integral to my process. I approach design as a collaborative dialogue with my clients, listening to their vision, incorporating utility, and curating it for the space. I believe that good design considers function as well as beauty, that a space should be designed for the place, and that integration with nature frees us to expand beyond ourselves.