Chrissy Cowdrey
Tim Scmidt
Andrea Calo // Photography

We were tasked with transforming an 1800 sq ft modern residence into a serene vertical oasis. With an additional 200 sq ft of living space to work with, Ben Newman Studio embarked on a journey to strike the perfect balance between expansiveness and exclusivity.

Our design concept revolved around the concept of harmony. Just as the plastic polygal panels in the home almost frosted to promise privacy, they simultaneously allowed the home's natural light to take center stage. This play of light and shadow was central to our vision.

The textures of steel and airplane cable cord throughout the space impart an industrial loft ambiance, giving the Woodland Loft an edgy personality. Yet, it's the infusion of warm wood accents that provides a soothing counterpoint, creating an atmosphere of balance and calm.

Every decision we made was intentional and aimed at achieving equilibrium. From the hand-bent steel staircase to the library-style reading room's plywood flooring, each element was carefully selected to capture the interplay of light and dark. These choices serve both utilitarian and artistic purposes, turning the space into a functional work of art.