ohana house




Perched gracefully in the heart of the Hawaiian landscape, the Ohana House was thoughtfully designed to serve as a haven for togetherness, where the gentle Hawaiian breeze naturally flows through its open corridors, and occupants feel truly immersed in the surrounding nature.

Resting atop an existing lava flow, this dwelling seamlessly weaves together elements of Japanese minimalism, natural wood, and a palette of earthy hues. The result is an elegant abode that effortlessly allows the captivating Hawaiian weather to claim center stage, all while fostering a profound sense of serenity and connection among its inhabitants.

The Ohana House is a testament to the beauty of open design. It beckons the Hawaiian wind to dance through its spaces, infusing each corner with the soothing embrace of nature. Here, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor living blur, creating an environment that is at once tranquil and invigorating.

The architecture of this dwelling respects the surrounding environment, embracing the natural elements and using them as a foundation for the design. It's a place where the rugged beauty of the Hawaiian landscape serves as a constant reminder of the world's natural wonders, encouraging moments of reflection and connection.

Whether you're seeking solace in the gentle rustle of leaves or sharing stories under the starlit Hawaiian sky, the Ohana House is a place where nature and design unite to create an oasis of calm and connection. It's a sanctuary where the harmony between architecture and the environment inspires moments of profound togetherness, making it the perfect retreat for all who seek balance and serenity in the embrace of nature.