rainbow ranch



Construction // Hollybuilt 
Design collaboration // Tim Schmidt studio 
Photography // Andrea Calo

In the heart of Texas, Rainbow Ranch emerges as a radiant tribute to a client's mother, a shed designed to be a serene retreat during the sweltering Texas summers, while immersing its occupants in the embrace of nature. This structure, constructed primarily of steel and glass, redefines the concept of modernity, seamlessly integrating a sleeping loft into the canopy of trees.

Every facet of Rainbow Ranch is a testament to the personalized design, meticulously crafted to harmonize with the client's daily life. It's a space where modernity and functionality coexist in perfect harmony, creating an environment that speaks to the soul.

This unique building stands as a remarkable fusion of old and new, with the steel and glass structure gracefully emerging from behind the ruins of a previous building. To enter Rainbow Ranch, one must walk through the ruin, creating a captivating journey of contrasts and evolution—where old meets new, and the past merges with the future.

Rainbow Ranch serves as a testament to the enduring power of design, a sanctuary that honors the memory of a loved one while providing solace and inspiration to its inhabitants. It's a space where the Texas heat meets the cool serenity of nature, where every element, from the steel and glass to the sleeping loft perched in the treetops, is an intentional expression of a life well-lived and a tribute to the heart's deepest sentiments.