Andrea Calo // photography

This Japanese-inspired teahouse is a testament to the timeless art of traditional craftsmanship. Crafted with meticulous care and using Douglas Fir, this custom-built haven showcases the beauty of traditional woodworking techniques, bringing the essence of Japan to the heart of its Austin surroundings.

Designed to maximize every inch of a small footprint, Kinney Ave seamlessly provides the client with a sense of expanse while preserving the intimacy of micro spaces. It's a space that encourages contemplation and connection with nature, where every corner has a story to tell.

The multi-tiered landscaping of this teahouse not only creates depth but also signifies distinct and unique spaces, each with its own character and purpose. It's an architectural ballet that encourages exploration and discovery, much like the layers of a traditional Japanese garden.

Integral to the design concept is the client's daughter's dream of a treehouse-inspired space, a dream brought to life with every element of the teahouse. It's a place where the magic of a treehouse meets the tranquility of a Japanese garden, creating an enchanting environment that stirs the imagination.

This once small and underutilized garden space has undergone a remarkable transformation, evolving into an extension of the client's living area. Kinney Ave is designed to be a canvas for the play of light, where the sun's rays dance through leaves, casting patterns that create a sense of enchantment.

Kinney Ave is more than just a teahouse; it's a retreat that transports you to the heart of Japan's timeless beauty. It's a sanctuary that invites you to explore, dream, and bask in the magic of both its architectural ingenuity and the natural world it harmoniously embraces.