wanderlust yoga



Jacob Barnes // Design and Lead Carpenter
David Loesch // Project Manager
Brian Keys, South Austin Metals // Metal Fabrication
Andrea Calo // Photography

Nestled in Austin's upscale shopping district, The Domain, Wanderlust Yoga Domain is a yoga studio and retail space that embodies both warmth and brand identity. This design and build-out project shares the same core objectives as its predecessors—to create an inviting atmosphere that resonates with the Wanderlust brand.

To infuse the space with character and authenticity, reclaimed fell trees were meticulously crafted into a front desk and all retail shelving, providing a touch of nature amid the hustle and bustle of the shopping district. The industrial aesthetics are maintained, with raw metal shelving seamlessly blending modernity and rustic charm. A unique and striking light fixture, crafted from an old railroad tie, serves as a focal point, shedding warm and inviting illumination on the studio.

Meanwhile, in the heart of downtown Austin, Wanderlust Yoga Downtown is another manifestation of our commitment to translating brand values into a tangible and welcoming space. Here, we took a bold approach by repurposing cabinets from an 1800s coal mine, imbuing the product display with a rich sense of history and heritage.

Adding an artistic flourish to the space, a chandelier crafted from palm fronds sourced from Joshua Tree captures the essence of wanderlust and natural beauty. To further enhance the warmth and depth of the studio, we transformed the text of a yogic scripture into wallpaper for the product display, adding an additional layer of intentionality to the design.

In both Wanderlust Yoga Domain and Wanderlust Yoga Downtown, our design and build-out endeavors have aimed not only to create inviting spaces but also to reflect the core values and spirit of the Wanderlust brand. These spaces are a testament to our commitment to merging functionality with artistry, fostering an environment where yoga enthusiasts can immerse themselves fully in the brand's ethos.